Ngày 12, 13 và 14 tháng 2, 2016. Tại công viên Mile Square thuộc thành phố Fountain Valley, vào cửa và chỗ đậu xe miễn phí Tham Gia

Gian Hàng Thực Phẩm & GH Trưng Bày Đã Bắt Đầu Nhận Đơn Giữ Chỗ.

Ghi Danh

Vài lời từ đại diện ban điều hành HỘI TẾT CỘNG ĐỒNG 2016

Dear Orange County Community/Business Leader(s), We are pleased and proud to announce that the Vietnamese Community of Southern California (VNCSC) has recently been selected by the County of Orange as the organizer for the 2016 OC Tet Festival at Mile Square Regional Park in Fountain Valley. As we ring in the Year of The Monkey, we are also celebrating our new venue at Mile Square Regional Park. With great thanks to the leadership of Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do and to the great staff of OC Parks. This new location will allow us to accommodate more visitors, more vendors, more space, more convenience, more exciting and new live entertainment during this special 3-day Tet Festival. This year’s OC Tet Festival will exhibit the beauty of Mile Square Regional Park. This 3-day special event includes: FREE ADMISSION, FREE PARKING, AND FREE LIVE ENTERTAINMENT, including, but not limited to, top-tier/A-list Vietnamese singers and performers, and much more...

Trang Mạng Xã Hội